RoR Digital Code Of Conduct

  • Always be honest with clients

    We want a great working relationship with our clients. This can only be the case if clients trust us. To establish this trust, RoR Digital guarantee that we will always be 100% transparent and honest in everything we do.

  • Provide Cost Effective Support To Local Businesses

    RoR Digital offers a very competitive and flexible pricing structure. We believe that our fees are extremely cost effective and have already managed to generate over 1000% return on Ad Spend (On both spend and fee) for more than one of our clients. So, if you’re a small business wanting to improve your online performance and don’t want to break the bank with big agency fees, why not get in touch?

  • Find Innovative Solutions To Clients Problems

    At RoR Digital we consider ourselves ‘creative thinkers’. This means even though you may come to us for a solitary service, we understand the holistic nature of digital marketing and will offer the best bespoke solution for your business. This comes from our eight years of experience in everything from SEO, to online advertising, to events management.

  • White Hat Guarantee

    The days of trying to con people on the internet is over. People are more tech savvy, use their time more effectively and are more clinical than ever before. Long gone are the black hat day’s of keyword stuffing text using the same font color as the background. RoR Digital focus on user experience and simple yet elegant solutions to improve your digital business.

  • Jargon Free Service

    Ok, so full honesty here (making sure we at least comply with point one), it wont be jargon free. RoR Digital staff love using marketing speak, but that doesn’t mean our clients have to put up with it. If you’re in a meeting and we are using loads of TLA’s (Three Letter Acronym’s) or marketing speak, simply pick up a stick, book or the nearest object you can find and bash your RoR Digital rep over the head with it. This will soon get them to stop using confusing jargon and explain in the Queen’s English what they were trying to say.

  • Enjoy What We Do

    RoR Digital are truly passionate about the work we do, but we want to stay that way… That’s why we will only accept work that is challenging, exciting, interesting or provides the opportunity to work with people we care about. At the end of the day, if we switch off, you get poor service and that’s unacceptable to us. So, we’ll keep enjoying ourselves at work to ensure you get great service.